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Cricket – T20 Blast

On Friday 9 November, Catherine McAuley College took teams of boys and girls from Years 7, 8 and 9 to the T20 Blast competition, a modified version of cricket. The day had a strong emphasis on participation and having fun and our teams emulated these values. We played matches against Bendigo South East, Marist, Eaglehawk and Castlemaine Secondary Colleges.

Our teams performed incredibly well, ensuring that everyone got to bat and bowl throughout the day. One of the highlights for the day was the friendly between our Year 7 and Year 8 girls’ teams. It was a match played in great spirits as the Year 7 girls managed to finish victorious. These two teams as well as our Year 7 and Year 8 boys’ teams managed to make it to the final in their respective divisions, which was a remarkable achievement. We would like to thank our Year 9 coaches who organised their teams, umpired, scored and provided the students with some cricket knowledge. All of the teams performed superbly in a day filled with fun.


Year 7 Girls:
Bryde O’Rourke JR4, Cate O’Bree VT2, Ella Raco JR2, Lila Keck MK4, Layla O’Shea BK1, Adele Barber MK4, Maggie Keating CH5, Maiya Pearce VT1, Shae Wass MY4, Audrey Gargiulo MK1, Wil Tuohey MY2 (Coach)

Year 7 Boys:
Alex Gooch VT3, Jack McCullough JR2, Lachie Kelly MY4, Zac Grieve BK1, Jedd O’Keefe MY2, William Marks JR1, Callum Craig BK1, Dylan Waters JR3, Lachie Jones CH1, Matt Wilkinson VT3 (Coach)

Year 8 Girls:
Holly Ryan CH4, Jorja Bish JR2, Aimee Dean VT1, Hannah Kopp MK4, Piper Smith JR2, Ella Rule MK4, Hannah Maher CH3, Emily Pengelly VT1, Tahlia Isaac MY2, Bella Ladd JR4, Jack Keating CH4 (Coach)

Year 8 Boys:
Wilson Butler MY2, Toby Naughton MY4, Xavier Fiske-Kealy BK3, Oliver Mayman CH4, Baxter Graham VT1, Rowan Fox MY1, Henry McCarthy BK3, Sam Lowes BK1, Fraser Banfield MY3, James Barri MK3 (Coach)

Year 9 Girls:
Ellie Vlaeminck MK1, Abbey Clohesy MK1, Ally Goggin MY2, Meg McCarthy VT3, Carissa Brook MK3, Emily Collins MK4, Maisy Harrop BK1, Piper Nally CH2, Tiahna Leader MY3, Alyssa Fabie MK4, Ethan Featherby JR3 (Coach)

Year 9 Boys:
Lachlan Wass MY3, Harry McKinley MY3, Jasper Langley CH4, Jack Mackenzie JR1, Thomas Bennett CH4, Fletcher White MK4, Ethan Maltby JR3, Jack Stewart CH5, Jai Featherby (Coach)