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Countdown to Easter


The end of Term 1 is close, but there is still plenty happening – Caritas Ks at Coolock on Thursday 22 March, Year 8 Camps, Caritas Carnival at St Mary’s together with our Easter Liturgies on the final day, Thursday 29 March. Note that school finishes early on the final day – 2.30pm.


Caritas Ks: Thursday 22 March 2018 (Coolock)

Year 8 Camps:

  • CAMP 1: Sunday 25 March 9am – Tuesday 27 Marcy 3.30pm (Backhaus, Champagnat, MacKillop)
  • CAMP 2: Tuesday 27 March 9am – Thursday 29 March 3.30pm (Jaara, McAuley, Vincent)

Term 1 ends: Thursday 29 March 2.30pm (Coolock and St Mary’s)

Term 2 begins: Tuesday 17 March* for all students

*Note Monday 16 March is a staff professional development day.


There is a uniform changeover period in the first two weeks of Term 2. All students must be wearing winter uniform by Monday 30 April.

Blazers are compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 for Year 7s and all students wearing CMC uniform.