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This week our Year 7 students have been on camp at Weekaway, near Lancefield. This is a terrific opportunity for our new students to continue their transition to our College community, strengthen and create new relationships and most importantly, have some really good fun. The camp has gone extremely well with all students maximizing the opportunities presented to them. Many thanks to the staff for supporting the program.

The Year 8 camp to Anglesea follows in the week beginning Monday 26 March. Information regarding this experience has been sent to all families. Please make sure that you read this carefully and discuss the program and requisites with your child so that they are aware.

Recently, the Outdoor Education Group presented the program details to our Year 9 students and families regarding the outdoor experience for students this year. A reminder that parents wishing further information can access the OEG website and parent portal. The students are excited about the change of program and the College looks forward to working with the Outdoor Education Group.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Coolock SRC team has met on a number of occasions and have already begun thinking and planning. The students are currently working towards Bullying No Way Day activities. It is the intention that all SRC members will have the opportunity to contribute to the newsletter and this week’s contribution is from Kelsey Holland.

Len Watson

“Students of Catherine McAuley College have the opportunity and are invited to share their opinions and ideas through the SRC members, who then share these ideas with the teachers during the SRC meetings. In assemblies, we ask students to share information about what’s going on in our curricular areas, a different area being discussed at each assembly.
We have a goal of having, by the end of this year, an assembly completely run by the SRC members and students, without any input from teachers.
Our SRC team is working on ways to get students more involved and to make assemblies a bit more interesting. We are also working on ideas to promote Bullying No Way Day, and any students with ideas are encouraged to talk about them to SRC members.”

Kelsey Holland