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Welcome to Term 3. The term commenced with a Professional Learning Day for staff where we explored the concept of Deeper Learning and its application at our College. Brian Turner has communicated examples of Deeper Learning and the benefits of focussing on skills as we prepare for our changing society. A Foundation for Young Australians report identifies that students currently at school will work in seventeen different jobs across five or more areas of employment in their working life. The focus is on skills that are transferable across these career paths.


The exploration of deeper learning with our staff investigated how we can think ‘smarter’ when we cover critical areas within the curriculum. We have considered how we can integrate key concepts and themes within our College so that we can explore them in greater depth and from a range of perspectives. True learning allows students the opportunity to consider and reflect on many factors and perspectives, before applying skills learned with creativity and passion. We encourage families to actively seek out the information provided on Schoolbox in the Subject Selection pages regarding Veritas and Virtues education that will occur from 2019. Thanks to the many families who attended our recent Information Evening relating to Subject Selection and 2019. We look forward to further discussion with you at our upcoming interviews on 2 and 3 August.


We spent time at our first assembly of the term exploring the Mercy Education Values of Justice, Respect, Compassion, Service, Courage and Hospitality and how these values are lived at Catherine McAuley College. We covered the challenge for all of us to live these values, guided by the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and to name when these standards are not being met. When students share an agreed set of standards and speak out when these standards are not met, is incredibly powerful. The students were challenged to live our values in every way they know, creating a positive ripple effect. As a follow up activity, a clip ‘Reflection – Kindness?’ was shown as a reflection for students. We all strive to continue to live these values and we will focus on these as we raise funds and awareness for Mercy Works as our Term 3 fundraising focus.

Have a great term.

Mr Tim Edwards, Deputy Principal – Coolock