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CMC Athletics Carnival 2021


On a stunning day on Monday 3 May, the College held the annual Athletics Carnival at the Flora Hill Athletics Track. With the sun shining and the overnight rain just a memory, the atmosphere was electric as the students were keen to make up for missing this fabulous College event last year.

With most events open for all to try, the theme of participation resulted in most students having a go at something – whether it be a new experience of participating in a jump or throw, or simply challenging themselves to do their best in a running race. The students had a whole lot of fun with their friends out of the classroom. Their encouragement and support of each other was a highlight and clearly evident throughout the day.

Congratulations to everyone who participated – your attendance and enthusiasm were brilliant.

As the day ran late, the presentations had to be held over, so the anticipation of announcing the winners a couple of days after the Carnival had the students on edge; desperate to know the results.

At the assembly, the Year Level Champions were acknowledged. All the winners displayed great sportsmanship and were actively involved in most of the events on the day. Well done and congratulations everyone:

Year Level Champions:
  • Year 7 Girls: Maddi Dunn – Champagnat
  • Year 7 Boys: Dash Daniels – MacKillop
  • Year 8 Girls: Genevieve Nihill – Champagnat
  • Year 8 Boys: Brodi Darcy – Jaara
  • Year 9 Girls: Jorja Morrison – Backhaus
  • Year 9 Boys: Logan Barker – Jaara
Year Level Champions

L-R: Maddi Dunn, Dash Daniels, Genevieve Nihill, Brodi Darcy, Logan Barker, Jorja Morrison

Team Results for the day were as follows:
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
1. Champagnat 1. Champagnat 1. Jaara
2. Backhaus 2. Jaara 2. Backhaus
3. Jaara 3. McAuley 3. Champagnat
4. McAuley 4. Vincent 4. MacKillop
5. Vincent 5. MacKillop 5. Vincent
6. MacKillop 6. Backhaus 6. McAuley






Overall Results

1. Champagnat
2. Jaara
3. Backhaus
4. MacKillop
5. Vincent
6. McAuley

Winners – Champagnat!

Thank you to the staff for running events on the day and assisting with everything that is required to make a day as big as this happen in such a smooth manner!