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Ceramics at Coolock


Final Firing in the Gas Kiln

After more than twenty years of service the large gas kiln at Coolock will be decommissioned over the holidays. The final load consisted mainly of Year 9 Art students’ majolica-decorated pieces.

Early in Term 3, two new electric kilns will be installed. Our students will continue to have the opportunity to explore taking their ideas from two-dimensional concepts to three-dimensional realities. With new kilns and higher firing possibilities Year 9 Art students will be able to use a broader range of clay types, including porcelain which allows for more delicate and lightweight designs to be explored.

Productive semester for Year 9 Ceramics

Year 9 art students researched ceramic styles from history, including Japanese platter ware, vessel designs and Mexican candelabra. They then worked through the creative process to develop individual designs. Students used a variety of construction techniques and skills to build their forms. The surface designs on most pieces were completed with a white glaze and colour application technique called Majolica. The quality of these pieces has been outstanding. Students have displayed great attention to detail and an amazing amount of care in the application of the surface designs.

Mrs Louise Richardson, Head of Arts