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Celebrating Stories Project 2019


Students undertaking the VCE Media and Bridging Unit 2 subjects have participated in a unique collaborative project.

As part of the final Bridging Unit 2, Speaking and Listening Assessment Task, students met with community mentors to present and share aspects of their stories. Students offered mentors a glimpse of their life experiences through the presentation and reading of their individually constructed narratives. During sessions, students welcomed mentors, shared stories and explained aspects of their culture. The sessions were designed to develop confidence communicating and maintaining conversations with members from the wider community. The mentors added to the experience by offering insights into their own stories. Students used their constructed narratives and visual slides to compliment the sharing process as well as focus questions and sentence prompts to support the listening and responding process.

As part of the process, VCE Media Unit 2 students have worked collaboratively with Bridging students to construct and design their feature articles. The Media students have filmed and photographed aspects of the project in order to exhibit their work in a production and design showcase later in November. This will take the form of colourful and creative feature articles designed and presented by the Media students. The articles feature the narratives written by the Bridging students.

The collaborative project has offered an opportunity for young people with diverse backgrounds to celebrate and share their stories with mentors drawn from the community. The process strengthens relationships and understandings, whilst empowering participants with an opportunity to discuss their experiences and stories in an honest and sincere manner. The sessions hope to shine a light on, not only the courage, the strength and the hope of our newest members of the community but also the strength and humanity that comes from empowering community partnerships.

Ms Dianne Hill and Mr Hector Miller

Dau with Mentor Natalie
Eh Ler Saw with Mentor Wif
Heinz with Mentor Rebecca
Kwe Kaw withMentor Simon
La Paw with Mentor Sonja
Khin San with Mentor Rosemary
Hser Oh Bue with Mentor Anne
Ma Kor Hser with Mentor Barry
Mu Aye with Mentor Lucy
Thurah with Mentor Carolin
Sharing Culture feature article
Sharing Culture feature article
Media and Bridging students