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Catherine McAuley’s Life Story Performance


On Wednesday 8 May, Blue Whale Theatre came from Sydney to perform a show ‘A Bright Light in the Darkness’ about the life story of Catherine McAuley to our Year 7 students in the Sister Aloysius Martyn Arts Centre at Coolock. Catherine is whom our school is named after and our role model.

The presentation was an hour and a half, with two breaks (like an intermission) during the show for a chance for the students to ask multiple questions about what had happened in the play, therefore asking questions about Catherine’s life and story.

The Year 7 students were quite amused by and interested in the wonderful performance they had put on for us. We were very grateful for this visual insight to help explain Catherine’s story better, backing up the research we have done about her in the past term.

We give many thanks to the wonderful actors and actresses Joanne Coleman, Jade Alex and Roger Adam Smith.

Evergreen Sein and Flynn Saunder, Year 7 Student Representative Council members