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Careers Night – wealth of information


On the evening of 7 May our students and families from Year 9 to 12 gathered together in the Marian gym for another successful Careers Night.

Our event, held every year in May, enables our students and their families to access a wealth of careers information from tertiary institutions, employment agencies, apprenticeship centres and local industry all under one roof.

Our students can build valuable connections, gain practical insights into the way contemporary workplaces operate and expand their understanding of the variety of pathways available to achieving their career aspirations.

Thank you to all of our exhibitors for continuing to support our event and making it authentic and engaging for our students.

“Careers Night was a very beneficial night for all, giving students an opportunity to explore future career options. I would highly recommend for all students to attend this night as it is a chance to see what the future holds” – Maddy Passalaqua Year 11

“Careers Night was fantastic. The people were so helpful and there was a lot to offer us kids” – Kate Beekes Year 10

“I have been to previous Careers Nights and this was by far the best one! I learnt so much and would recommend that everyone should attend it!” – Lily McMahon Year 11