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Skills Road 2018 Youth Census

In September 2018 Skills Road conducted the largest Youth Census in Australia with over 30,000 youth, aged 15 to 24 completing our survey. The research was commissioned by Apprenticeship Support Australia in response to concerns regarding rising youth unemployment and a range of evident changes in today’s workforce.

The report involved 86 questions covering nine key areas such as careers guidance, housing, pathways and work experiences/expectations. It was developed to gain a deeper understanding of how youth living in Australia are experiencing life as they prepare for, and transition to, life after school.

Additionally, the findings are intended to inform parents, teachers and current or future employers about challenges and concerns faced by youth across Australia and the resulting wellbeing levels, as well as what this means for our workforce on a bigger scale.

Please go to the website at to download a copy:
Some highlights of the research findings include:

  • Youth who have an adult available to counsel them on career questions are more likely to end up in a career that relates to their post-school education or training.
  • People who had someone they could have a meaningful career conversation with experienced greater levels of wellbeing than those who did not, and those who weren’t sure.
  • In order to provide youth with information regarding all post-school pathways that are available to them, careers services must be valued and seen as an integral part of a student’s development.
  • Youth who pursued an apprenticeship pathway scored the highest level of wellbeing compared to any other pathway, including taking a gap year.
  • Youth who worked while at school reported higher levels of wellbeing than those that did not.
  • When those who did make a contribution to their housing were compared with those who did not, it was found youth who financially contribute to their housing, even if that was paying board to their parents, had higher levels of wellbeing than those who did not.

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