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Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)


  • Download the form below for full eligibility requirements.
  • Applications close 29 June 2018

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student. The amount available to eligible secondary school students is $225 per year.

If you are holder of Veterans Affairs Gold Card or be an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) holder or if you are a temporary foster parent you may be eligible to apply to the CSEF.

If you have not already filled in the form, download below or visit the Finance Office to collect one. Sign and date the form and return it to the school office as soon as possible. The CSEF program for 2018 closes on 29 June 2018 but the Finance Office needs it a few days before for processing.

The CSEF is paid directly to the school and will be allocated by the school towards camps, sports and/or excursion costs for your child.