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Bus Travel 2020


Catherine McAuley College (CMC) students can access three bus networks:

  • Urban Bus Travel (suburbs of Bendigo)
  • Country Bus Travel
  • Castlemaine Bus Travel

URBAN BUS TRAVEL (School Bus Specials)

Please refer to the 2019 Bus Timetable and the Urban Bus Pass step-by-step guide on the next page. Travel is arranged in the year of travel, including MYKI half yearly/yearly and PTV Student ID Cards for students NEW to our school. Therefore our 2020 travellers do not need to arrange this until mid-January for 2020.

IMPORTANT: CONTINUING STUDENTS should retain their CMC Student ID cards, with the PTV-approved logo, so they do not have to get a separate PTV Student ID card.

COUNTRY BUS TRAVEL (excluding Castlemaine students)

Submitting 2020 travel applications via the School Bus Management System (SBMS). Log in to the School Bus Management System at and complete one of the following actions:

  • New Travellers: Families with children who have never previously travelled on a school bus, must create a New Application for Term 1 2020, or
  • Existing Travellers: Families with children who require continued travel (e.g. same residential address and same school) must Renew Applications for Term 1 2020, or
  • Existing Travellers: Families with children who have changed residential address and/or school, must create a New Application for Term 1 2020.


This is a chartered service and is not part of the Country Bus Network. Castlemaine bus travellers should NOT apply for travel through SBMS, rather contact CMC. Current travellers will roll over to 2020 and need not do anything. New travellers should contact the College to apply for travel.


Families in rural and regional Victoria can get help with the cost of transporting their children to their nearest school or campus. This is known as the conveyance allowance. Please visit the Department of Education or contact the College for a conveyance form.

The conveyance allowance is available to students travelling by:

  • public transport
  • private car
  • or to students whose nearest school is not serviced by a free school bus.

The conveyance allowance is a contribution towards transport costs and is not intended to cover the full cost of transporting children to and from school.

Who can apply?

The conveyance allowance is available to families who meet the following criteria. Students must:

  • attend their nearest government or non-government school/campus appropriate to their year level at which admission is permissible
  • be enrolled at a school/campus outside Melbourne’s metropolitan conveyance boundary
  • live 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from that school/campus attended
  • be of school age at the time of application and reside in Victoria.