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Bullying. No Way!


As a College community we aim to have a safe and inclusive environment in which all students can thrive.

Our College took action to mark Bullying. No Way! Day on Friday 15 March. On this day, the Student Representative Council (SRC) encouraged all students and staff to wear crazy socks, to act against bullying and deliver a united and powerful message that bullying, and violence are never okay.

In a recent Catherine McAuley College survey, 60% of students reported having experienced bullying in the past and 30% of students admitted to having bullied someone else.

22% of students report that they would not tell anyone; we can change this statistic by knowing that it is OK to talk to someone. Whether that be talking to a friend, a teacher, a parent or carer, or seeing a member of our lovely Wellbeing Team.

70% of students have acknowledged that they were a bystander. A bystander is someone who watches and does nothing – not quite the bully but not far from it. They may cheer the person bullying, stand and watch in silence or have laughed or walked away from the situation.

If bystanders are confident to take safe and effective action, there is a greater possibility that the bullying will stop. This is why everyone was encouraged to wear crazy socks on Bullying. No Way! Day, to remind us to all be upstanders and say no to bullying.

William Tobin, College Captain & Eva Jan, SRC Captain