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Budget impact for young people


A highly-topical event for was held by Rural Bank to educate young people on what impact the new budget might have on them. Our Unit 3/4 Economics class joined students from both Marist College Bendigo and Girton Grammar School at a session to explain the federal government’s budget. The treasurer of Rural Bank, Rudy Boeff and Michael Brennan from the Treasury’s Fiscal Group sat at the front and discussed the budget and answered questions. They discussed how the budget will affect interest rates, business/consumer confidence, superannuation, unemployment, inflation as well as talking about the process of creating the budget. This was very insightful and gave us a deeper understanding of economics and the economy.

Both Rudy and Michael just happened to discuss all of the concepts behind our recently completed area of study and School Assessed Coursework (SAC). This reinforced what we had learnt – although of course it would have been beneficial to hear from them before our SAC!

Overall the event gave students a greater understanding of how the new budget is going to work and what it means for us. A big thank you to Rural Bank for holding the event.

Liam Brown VT9