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Brickman returns with hit TV show


Past student, Ryan McNaught AKA ‘Brickman’ is back with Hamish Blake on Channel Nine’s reality television show LEGO Masters. After the success of the premier season of LEGO Masters in 2019, Ryan returns in his role as judge of the show which sets massive brick-building challenges for its contestants.

Since the end of the first season, Brickman and his team have spent months developing and testing cool challenges which force the contestants to push their creative, technical and story-telling abilities in order to avoid elimination and win $100,000.

The first season was a smash hit and Brickman was thrilled that audiences loved the fun and creativity of LEGO as much as he does (as well as explosions in slow motion). The show which brings the magic of LEGO to life, has made Brickman a household name and the format is now being produced in the USA, Sweden and Germany.

Ryan is one of only fourteen LEGO certified professionals in the world. He was a huge LEGO fan as a child and as an adult he returned to his passion to combine his professional skills with his creative instinct.

Ryan attended Catholic College Bendigo from 1990 to 1992 and went on to enjoy a high-flying corporate career as a chief information officer. However, he never lost his passion for creativity and reconnected with LEGO after starting his own family.

Since becoming licensed to use the name LEGO in his own business, Ryan and his team have built some of the world’s most detailed and large LEGO brick models, and have even built models for LEGO offices around the globe.

Ryan has produced global touring exhibitions and hundreds of models for museums, galleries and shopping locations around the world. He doesn’t think there is really anything that they cannot make out of LEGO.

Over the years Ryan and his team have won many awards for their works and they maintain a unique style which makes their creations some of the best and most recognisable in the world.

Brickman on the set of LEGO Masters Season 2 with host, Hamish Blake