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Bogong High Plains for Outdoor Ed


On Monday 13 August, the Unit 2 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class set off to Falls Creek to spend three days exploring Victoria’s alpine environment while learning how to ski. Students were encouraged to learn about the impacts of conservation, commercial and recreational activities on outdoor environments and analyse practices for promoting positive impacts of humans on outdoor environments. This included impacts of technology; direct and indirect, and the impact of urbanisation.

The first night consisted of a trip to Wangaratta where students got to know the La Trobe University students with whom they would live in small groups over the next few days. Once at the snow, the students spent the entire second day focused on skill development and having fun at the Nordic Bowl. Students excelled in their skills and were ready for their overnight ski adventure the following day.

On the Wednesday, the class split into groups and left Windy Corner for their overnight ski tour to Heathy Spur via the Dam Wall. It was a windy day and the heavy packs on their backs challenged their ability to avoid stacking, and in some cases doing it correctly to avoid possible injury.

After this trip, students were more knowledgeable about sustainable interactions and the history behind the Bogong High Plains. A massive thanks to La Trobe University lecturers and students who spent the five days prior to our trip exploring the area and developing skiing and environmental lessons to share with our students. A great learning experience for all involved.

Olivia Dullard, Trainee