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Bendigo Tech School visits – connecting students to their future


Throughout Term 2, our Year 8 students have had the opportunity to engage in programs delivered at the Bendigo Tech School. The Bendigo Tech School is a centre of deep learning that uses leading-edge technology, discovery and innovation to solve real world problems. Students have participated in two programs investigating Advanced Manufacturing and Media Production.

The Advanced Manufacturing workshop encouraged students to work in small teams and introduced students to processes through a student-directed project based on materials innovation. Each team was given a scenario and requirements their project was designed to meet and utilised design thinking and reflective practices, to develop efficient ways of solving real-world problems with their peers. They also enjoyed seeing their ideas come to life by learning about and harnessing the array of technological processes the Tech school has on offer, such as laser cutting and other innovative technology.

The Green screen and Media workshop provided opportunities for students to use the Design Thinking Process to meet a client’s desired outcome and develop a television advertisement. In order to do this, students developed problem statements to enable deeper understanding of the target audience and researched which aspects they wanted to include in their advertisement.

“We really enjoyed creating the advertisement. After coming up with the problem, we planned our approach using the design thinking process and created a storyboard to plan our filming sequence. We then filmed the advertisement and used Adobe Premier Pro to edit the film.”  Maddison Capuano, 8C1

“I really thought our visit was a great experience and an amazing opportunity to learn and experience new skills”  Pollyanna Smith, 8C1

The innovative programs have provided our students with engaging, real life experiences to enhance the STEAM education within their Veritas studies, and complimented the skills and concepts presented in Science, Technology and Mathematics classes.

Ember Chittenden, Interdisciplinary Learning Leader

Students used the laser cutters to bring their ideas to life
Teams worked out efficient ways to problem-solve
Green screen technology was used in the Media Workshops