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Bendigo Foodshare


The Yr 10 Virtues classes have been helping to raise awareness about Bendigo Foodshare and their Million Meals campaign and planned supportive activities in their classes.

Bendigo Foodshare is an organization that collects and distributes both left-over and donated food to those in need, breakfast clubs, soup kitchens and other local providers. Sam Kane, a past School Captain, is Young Ambassador for Foodshare.

As well as a food drive, there has been a special prayer each morning during the week, backed up with information about how donations can support Foodshare.

Throughout the week of 27 – 31 May, donations of pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, spreads (like vegemite or peanut butter), canned tuna or money were left in the library, staffroom and the general office at both Coolock and St Mary’s.

Recent contact with staff at Foodshare highlighted the increased need of families as the winter months set in.
Please have a look at their website for further information or watch the video