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Balloon Footy



Catherine McAuley College (CMC) VCAL students from the senior Services stream are the assistants to Scope in the running of the 2018 Bendigo Balloon Football League. The students are taking on the roles of field, boundary and goal umpires, wheelchair pushers, scorers and statisticians. The students are alsoe organising the Best and Fairest award for 2018. Each student has been allocated to a team to assist with the playing and organising of the team.

Bendigo Scope Balloon Football League is now well into the season. The teams are finalised and the games are getting exciting as teams vie for ladder positions. Favourites have already emerged as potential champions but with twelve more games the ladder positions will change.

So far, the best and fairest votes are kept under lock and key by the CMC students and the ladder after five weeks sees the Bulldogs leading on twenty-two points after five straight victories.

Games between the six teams have been exciting and mostly high scoring. The CMC students have learnt how to correctly push wheelchairs and also are learning how to strategically manoeuvre their players into position. Last week, with time to spare, the students played a game against the top players. The students won 38 to 26 but we all believe the BFL players were easy on us.

The VCAL students use the project day at Scope to complete competencies in Applied Learning. After completing the Scope Young Ambassadors Program at school, the students now implement their knowledge in real life circumstances, working with Scope officials, liaisons and carers.

Ms Jan Miletic