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Athletics Carnival 2024


What a fabulous start to the final week of term! The College’s annual Athletics Carnival was held at the Bendigo Athletics Track in Spring Gully on Monday 25 March. With the perfect weather and the atmosphere electric, students were keen to experience all the track and field events on offer.

The catch cry for the day was “participation”. With each event open for all to try, most students had a go in at least one event. Whether it was a new experience or not, everyone was challenging themselves to do their best. With people everywhere, the vibe around the track was one of enthusiasm and fun, with friends participating with and against each other in the wide variety of events on offer. In short, it was a great day out of the classroom. The encouragement of each other was evident and a highlight throughout the day.

Congratulations to all who participated – your attendance and enthusiasm was fantastic to witness.

As the day finished with some impressive relays, we were able to announce the overall results and the Year Level Champions, with just minutes to spare.

Congratulations Champagnat, the overall Champion House. Congratulations also to the individual award winners, our Year Level Champions. All these students displayed great sportsmanship and were actively involved in most events throughout the day.

Year Level Champions

  • Year 7 Girls: Mila Childs (McAuley)
  • Year 7 Boys: Equal Champions: Knox Westley (MacKillop), Jimi Read (MacKillop) and Chase Degraaff (Djaara)
  • Year 8 Girls: Imogen Brown (McAuley)
  • Year 8 Boys: Alistair Hughes (Djaara)
  • Year 9 Girls: Shannon Storey (MacKillop)
  • Year 9 Boys: Mykail Geary (Vincent)

Record Breakers

  • Mila Childs: Year 7 Girls High Jump 1.50m
  • Imogen Brown: Year 8 Girls 800m 2:28.74
  • Grace Mulqueen: Year 9 Girls 800m 2:27.83
  • Grace Mulqueen: Year 9 Girls 1500m 5.19.94

Year Level Results


  1. Djaara
  2. McAuley
  3. Backhaus
  4. MacKillop
  5. Champagnat
  6. Vincent


  1. Champagnat
  2. Djaara
  3. McAuley
  4. Backhaus
  5. Vincent
  6. MacKillop


  1. Backhaus
  2. Champagnat
  3. Djaara
  4. MacKillop
  5. Vincent
  6. McAuley

Overall Results

  1. Champagnat
  2. Djaara
  3. Backhaus
  4. McAuley
  5. MacKillop
  6. Vincent

Thank you to all the staff as well as the senior VET Sport and Recreation students who ran events. They assisted with everything required to make this huge day run so smoothly.

Special thanks to the parents who assisted with setting up and adjusting the hurdles, this was a massive help.

Congratulations everyone.