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Arts at Coolock



This week the arts area at Coolock had a face-lift with the arrival of two new electric kilns.

A ceramics unit is included in all Year 7 to 9 Art courses. Students explore a range of hand building techniques across these year levels. Students are able to explore, select or work with a variety of surface treatments including oxide rubs, underglazes, stains, slips and glaze finishes.

While the old kilns served us well, the two new electric kilns will enable us to explore high fire-finishes and the new sizes offer a bit more flexibility in the learning space.

Year 7 Art

Students have been exploring drawing from observation and watercolour rendering.

Year 8 Art

Year 8 students have studied printmaking with linoleum. They have explored illustration, positive and negative space and creating a lino plate and printing onto a prepared base.

Louise Richardson, Head of Domain, Arts

Jiya Patel: Yr 8 Printmaking - Lino
Madeline Bennett: Yr 7 Drawing - Watercolour
Thomas Lacy: Yr 7 Drawing - Watercolour
Flynn Wade-Roberts: Yr 8 Printmaking - Lino and mixed media
New kilns installed
Old kilns