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Additional Learning Needs



Catherine McAuley College’s Learning Diversity Team is dedicated to assisting students with additional needs so that they can experience success and achieve their personal best. A range of support methods are employed to help students who may have language difficulties, cognitive difficulties, physical disabilities or specific emotional-social needs. Individual support plans are developed to suit each student’s abilities and interest areas.

Extra Transition Experiences

A session for students with additional needs who require extra orientation will be held on Tuesday 18 October. Families will be contacted with further information regarding this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who looks after students with additional needs at Catherine McAuley College?

Student advocates, subject teachers, year level leaders and the Learning Diversity Team.

What is the Learning Diversity Team?

The Learning Diversity Team comprises a group of skilled teachers, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist and dedicated support staff, who all play an important part in supporting students with additional learning needs.

How does CMC develop individual programs?

One of the first steps taken to support students with additional needs is to meet with primary schools to gather background information, collate relevant reports and work with families to create a Personal Learner Profile. This document is then shared with students’ teachers to help them plan to meet each student’s needs.

What learning support programs are available?

The teachers in the Learning Diversity Team run literacy support programs as well as targeted Maths groups. Life Skills is another program on offer for those students who need functional life skills.

How are students selected for supported programs?

Students who participate in any of these programs are identified and selected using criteria specific to each program. Families are consulted as part of the process.

What other support is available?

Students with additional learning needs may also be supported by a team of learning tutors, depending on the functional impact of individual needs in a school setting. The amount of support provided is highly individualised and dependent on the needs of each student.

Further Questions?

Please direct any enquires regarding learning diversity to the College Registrar, Mrs Audra Petri.

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