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A Year Outdoors


Outdoor Education at Coolock

Year 9 Bike Riding

“Mountain biking in Outdoor Ed was really fun because I love bike riding and I got to enjoy the day with my friends. There were parts of the ride that we found easy, but there were parts that were hard too. I enjoyed trying out the pump track. I was so worried I was going to fall off but luckily, I didn’t. Even after the outdoor ed bike ride, I still go to the Spring Gully tracks and try out all the tracks.” (Courtney Gooch, Year 9)

Year 9 Grampians Camp

“As their main experience for Outdoor Ed in Year 9, each class explored the Grampians. From the stunning views of Mt Zero to the heights of climbing in Summerday Valley, everyone was able to challenge themselves mentally and physically. Abseiling for the first time was a highlight for many students. At Brambuk students were able to gain insight into the rich cultural and historical significance of the traditional custodians.” (Miss Natalie Duane, OE Trainee)

Outdoor and Environmental Studies at St Mary’s

Unit 1 Mount Buffalo – Bushwalk

“Mount Buffalo was a challenging but amazing experience. We got to witness a breathtaking sunset from “The Horn” after hiking ‘The Big Walk’ from the base of Mount Buffalo to Lake Catani campsite. It was definitely difficult, but the views were rewarding and made it all worth it in the end. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!” (Ellie Donnellon, Year 10)

Unit 1 Mount Arapiles – Rock Climbing

“Mount Arapiles was an incredible experience. Multi pitch climbing is one of my favourite experiences I’ve ever had during my outdoor ed experience. The constant fear and thrill is what makes it so exhilarating. Nothing quite like climbing 30 meters at a time up a vertical, exposed rock wall 200m high. Top roping and abseiling were both very fun experiences. Working with your friends to beat your best time and get to the very top. Overall Mount Arapiles is a great experience.” (Rhys Bolton, Year 10)

Unit 2 Falls Creek – Cross Country Skiing

“The Term 3 camp to Falls Creek ski resort and Alpine National park, provided me with a fun and new experience, whilst learning about the importance of conserving the Alpine environment. We learnt about hydro-electricity and Mountain Pygmy Possum.

“We had plenty of time to explore the alps whilst also learning new cross-country skiing and snow camping skills.

“I strongly recommend this class to thrill seeking students.” (Zachary Walsh, Year 10)

Unit 2 Lake Eildon/Big River – Canoeing and Rafting

“Despite the wind and rain at Eildon we were able to have a great time on the water while gaining experience in rafting, canoeing and camping. We discussed the environmental impacts of these activities. By the last day we were able to navigate Grade 2 rapids on the Big River without anyone falling in! We learnt about the Indigenous and modern uses of the environment and saw directly, the native flora and fauna of the environment including whistling kites, wedge tail eagles and fish.” (Melea McKay, Year 10)

Unit 3 Melbourne – River Sledding and Bike Riding

“In Term 1 we travelled to Melbourne for our first Unit 3/4 Outdoor Ed camp. We participated in unreal activities such as river sledding through a 200-metre tunnel (created during the gold rush) and bike riding along the Yarra River. We also had the privilege of being able to learn heaps about the past users of the land and the Indigenous culture as we went on Indigenous walks and art gallery tours. It was an awesome experience!” (Liam Ledwidge, Year 11)

Unit 3 Bellarine Peninsula – Beach Camp

“For our second camp this year, we were lucky enough to go to the Bellarine Peninsula where we participated in surfing lessons, an awesome snorkeling experience, a fishing charter and a Marine Discovery Centre tour. We had an unreal time doing all the activities, but the highlight for me was the snorkeling experience with Sea All Dolphin Swims. The boat ride was really fun and we visited Pope’s Eye, part of Victoria’s Marine National Parks system, where we saw a variety of unique marine life, and Chinaman’s Hat where we got to swim with stingrays and Australian fur seals. Overall, the trip was definitely one to remember!” (Daisy Cornwall, Year 11)

Unit 4 Murray River – Canoeing

“The Murray River camp was extremely enjoyable. This experience really allowed students to immerse themselves with nature and analyse why this area became a National Park and Ramsar listed wetland. Everyone had a great time canoeing and cruising down the Murray with King Fisher Cruises. This camp also gave us a great chance to learn about the native flora and fauna from the area and the importance of this area for the future of society.” (Darcy Reading, Year 11)