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Year 7 2024 Enrolments close Friday 12 May 2023

A term full of opportunities


Term 1 has provided our Coolock students with many great learning opportunities ranging from new subjects and our Opening Mass, to our Swimming Carnival and camps. Congratulations to all students on their involvement in these activities.

A highlight for me this week was the interaction with students during a College Tour this week. We met students who:

  • were able to explain to our visitors the skills that they have learned this year in Year 7 English and how these skills will enhance their future learning
  • were comfortable playing an instrument in front of guests
  • could outline their VET program and where they plan to take their career
  • were able to articulate their recent camp experience and its relationship with learning that has occurred this term in Veritas

Year 9 Outdoor Experience

The following report is from two of our students who recently attended the Year 9 Outdoor Experience week.

“Year 9 Camp was an amazing experience where we had the opportunity to learn not only about our surroundings but also about ourselves and the people around us as we shared our time and experiences during the five days away from home. Camp gave us us the time to experience many activities and learn from group leaders that encouraged us to keep on going when we wanted to give up. They also taught us many great life lessons that we will carry with us into the future, such as cooking, cleaning, leadership, hygiene, stewardship and the environment. Overall camp was absolutely amazing. Yes, it wasn’t always easy but looking back both of us have learnt so many things. We encourage the future Year 9s experience this amazing opportunity that the College provides because in the end it is definitely worth it. Ali Martin & Tomia Damchef

Caritas Challenge

Our Caritas Challenge was an opportunity for both staff and students to show their support and walk in solidarity with those helped by Caritas Australia. The theme of our Challenge is ‘Giving and not receiving’. The Student Representative Council were drivers of the change in focus for this year’s Caritas actions and their focus was to help students and staff become more aware of how lucky we are, have the opportunity to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ and help others without needing to receive something in return.


May God bless us as we approach Easter. We pray that the resurrection message of Jesus Christ lives through us in all that we do. May our lives be hope filled and our break be one where we spend time with loved ones.

Mr Tim Edwards, Deputy Principal – Coolock