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A powerful message from the Pat Cronin Foundation: Be Wise, End the Coward Punch


The Year 10 students were fortunate to have a visit from a representative of the Pat Cronin Foundation on Tuesday 3 May. The foundation was formed after the death of Pat Cronin,  a teenager who died in 2016 from a coward punch attack. The foundation’s main focus is to get Pat’s story out, and, in turn, end the coward punch.

The representative, an ex-police officer, told Pat’s story in an engaging way, and students were able to witness how traumatic the unexpected death of a young and respected member of society can be. The presenter also shared some of his firsthand experiences with violence. He talked about how easy it is for someone to throw a punch the wrong way and end up destroying not just the life of the victim, but the lives of their family, friends, and the offender themselves.

Key moments from the experience were shown in the documentary. It gave a thorough insight into the aftermath of the attack and Pat’s death. It showed the effect it had on his immediate family as well as his community and friends. It highlighted the fact that one simple action created something that changed the lives of Pat’s family forever.

The Foundation’s main message is to think about your actions before you do anything in a heated situation. Because your actions can take away someone’s life and change others’ lives forever.

The presentation engaged each and every student with the story, spreading the message of the foundation: Be Wise, End the Coward Punch.

Dervla Parker & Oliver Sexton (Year 10)