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2023 Booklists – online ordering now open


Year 7 Booklist for 2023

  • Booklist items can be purchased from Campion Education (access code KR7F).
  • The Campion booklist portal is scheduled to be open from Friday 14 October 2022.
  • Online ordering and home delivery only.
  • Orders placed by Friday 16 December 2022 with Campion will be posted to the selected address, free of charge.
  • Every effort will be made to deliver by 25 January 2023. Due to supply chain challenges, your delivery may arrive outside the original estimated delivery timeframe.
  • Please note: the Campion platform may suggest additional resources that are related to studies. If they are not on the booklist, then these are not texts that the College has recommended and families shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase them.