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2022 Learning Model at the Coolock Campus


At Catherine McAuley College we are always looking for the best ways to support each student’s formation, growth and development. As part of this we have reviewed the structure of the day.

As such, the timetable will move from five periods per day (60 minutes each) to seven periods (45 minutes) per day. The 7-period day is already in place at St Mary’s Campus.

2022 will see more than 920 students attend the Coolock Campus. The 7-period model will allow greater access to the varied learning spaces and more occasions where double periods are allocated.

Students will receive their 2022 timetables on Pastoral Planning Day.

Elements of the new structure that will benefit students include:

  • More face-to-face learning time across the course of the week to enhance depth of learning.
  • More face-to-face Mathematics and English time in the program.
  • Maximising optimal learning time in the mornings
  • Greater timetable flexibility for elective and semester-based subjects, with an increase to two classes per week
  • Development of an explicitly taught Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program.
  • Development of year level community eating areas that will enhance connection with others and support our reGEN waste management strategy.


Who is the person that supports my child and is my contact person?

Your child will be supported through their classes by their classroom teachers. Our teachers monitor all aspects of your child’s progress and will provide ongoing feedback to you and your child.

As an added layer of support, your child will also be allocated a Student Advocate. The Advocate will teach your child for several periods per week; they are your first contact if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s wellbeing or academic progress. The Student Advocate will have regular contact and check-ins with your child to support them in their College life.

 Why do students have to eat in an allocated area?

We value the opportunity for our students to be in our community. The idea of gathering in year levels to eat together is an opportunity to promote this. It will also assist us to achieve our reGEN goal to reduce rubbish in our College and allow us to reuse and recycle through our 3-bin system.

Can my child change electives once the semester has started?

Students will have many opportunities to select subjects between years. To ensure appropriate induction and to allow students to settle into their classes, we do not change students’ subjects or timetables after the beginning of the semester.

Year 9 Electives

To support greater depth of learning in our Year 9 elective areas, students select six electives across the course of the year (three per semester). The increased contact time per week will increase students’ understanding in preparation for Year 10.