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Term 1 – Week 2

Ceramics – Paint Pallets

Year 9 Art have started 2020 by making ceramic paint pallets.

We start by flattening and shaping the clay into any shape of choice. Then we draw up some designs in our Visual Arts diary and copy one design onto a template. We then place the template onto the clay and cut around the clay. We put small holes into the clay to mark out where the wells will go.

Once the clay has dried a little, we cut into the clay with ceramic tools to make the wells. After we have smoothed the wells with water, our teacher will put the pieces into the kiln.

Ruby A’Vard, Year 9

Wood – Giant Jenga

This year in Term 1 of Year 9 in Woodwork, each student is constructing two blocks to form one big Jenga game. We have to cut, sand and coat every block by hand.

This project helps us develop a basic understanding of the tools that we will use throughout the semester.

Alex Langley, Year 9

Year 9 Food Technology

On Monday we made corn chowder. It was different to the things we usually make in Food Tech as it required different skills and had many steps to complete the task.

At first I wasn’t sure as to how it would taste but after we tried it, I thought it was satisfying. I have never made something like this before, so it gave me knowledge and new skill of how to make a soup-like meal.

Amity Thorpe, Year 9

On Monday Amity and I made corn chowder. It was quite tasty, despite my initial thought of how it looked in the pot. I had never made soup before, so it was a new skill I learnt. There were many steps we needed to take so it required us to read thoroughly and concentrate on the task at hand.

Matisse Sheahan, Year 9

Download the recipe below to try at home