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Year 8 News


Below are updates on the Year 8 students Science and French studies, highlighting curriculum topics for Term 4.


Students have been working on forces.  They are looking at the Design Process to build a bridge with certain materials, support and size constraints.


Students have been discussing one’s likes and dislikes, as well as preference for a variety of different chores and weather. They have practised speaking and writing about chores, paying particular attention to using the correct type of verb (doing word) with each chore. For example, the French say I’ll pass over the vacuum rather than I’ll do the vacuuming.

The students have also been discussing the topic of time – how to tell the time, ask what the time is and discussion around what they do at certain times of the day. Intonation of voice and correct pronunciation have been focal points throughout this Semester 2.

Finally, the Year 8 French students have been learning about possessive adjectives. In English, we have only one word for my, however in the French language there are three words – mon, ma and mes. The word for your (informal) has three words – ton, ta, and tes and lastly the word for his/her has three words – son, sa and ses. Throughout the semester we have been learning how to choose the correct option.

Well Done Year 8

In other news, Year 8 students are to be congratulated on their attendance and behavior at the recent final assembly for Year 12s.  It was interesting to hear students on the return bus journey talk about their own goals and future directions.

Mrs Jan Lake and Miss Cara Lewis, Year Level Learning Leaders