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Year 8 Camp 2022



The Year 8 camp was held in Anglesea again this year. On camp we participated in lots of different activities and games. We had lots of fun times together. On the first day we all went for a swim at the beach which was a super fun way to start a great, few days away.

We were split up into small groups and got to walk around the town of Anglesea and join in on some activities like stand-up paddle boarding on the Anglesea River, radio rogaining, the estuary walk, the crate climb, a mountain bike ride around the camp and some fun beach games.

One of the best parts about rogaining was competing against the other people in your group as a fun competition. We also got to do the vertical challenge, which was another really fun competition with a partner, topping it off with a beautiful view of the ocean if you reached the top.

At night-time we participated in activities such as a night walk, fishing and indoor games including the popular ball game Gaga.

A highlight for most students was the surfing because for some students it was new and something you don’t usually get to do on school camp. The instructors taught us a few tricks to learn while on the board as well and helped us get on to our first few waves.

We shared all our meals together in the dining room. Our evening meals were butter chicken and spaghetti bolognaise which were pretty good for camp meals.

Lacie and Zahli, Year 8