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Year 7 Veritas enjoys guest speaker


Troy Firebrace, Guest Speaker – Reconciliation Week 

On Thursday 30 May, Troy Firebrace came to speak to the Year 7’s about Aboriginal history, culture and the importance of connection to Country. Troy shared stories of his time spent with family on Country at the Murray River and explained why it is important to connect with the land.

Troy spoke about the totem for the Yorta Yorta tribe which is the long-necked turtle, and how this means they are to protect this animal. We learnt about the effect of introduced species on the health of the Murray River (carp) and Australia (cane toads, foxes and rabbits). Troy shared his passion for sustainability to protect and care for the environment. Troy also shared his artworks with us, explaining what he paints and where he draws inspiration from.

Lucy Caleo, Year 7