2023 Theme

May your word be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path explores the idea that the word of God, not only illuminates the path for us to follow but can actually give our lives direction. The theme will underpin our celebrations this year and will be the anchor that will steady us through the challenges of 2023.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 199:105)

This year’s College theme is taken from the Psalms.

Why is it that darkness or the absence of light scares many people? Little children in particular know that the darkness can be terrifying, but then realise it’s more in the imagination than in reality. Have you ever tried walking in the dark – arms outstretched in order to find your way, and to stop yourself from crashing into an obstacle; slowly lifting and planting your feet unsure of the ground beneath you?

We spend much of our waking hours either in light or artificially trying to remove the shadows from our classrooms, offices or homes. We have such an aversion to the dark, that it is becoming a global issue as more and more of our night skies take on the light of cities and towns, making it increasingly difficult to see the stars – that part of our universe that completely overwhelms us with its mystery.

In the time before electricity – that is, for most of human history – the rhythm of the day was determined by the rising of the sun and its setting – people worked in the light and slept in the dark. The invention of electric lighting meant that the working day was no longer confined to daylight hours. People could read, study, visit one another, hold meetings, and eventually, people would never have to be in darkness again if they wanted!

That light is a convenience, a necessity nowadays, and also incredibly fragile. The reliance of many in our developing world on fossil fuels to generate power increases year after year, while at the same time, the availability of fossil fuels continues to rapidly diminish. How can light be sustained with this diminishing supply?

2023’s theme taps into an unlimited supply of base-load power to sustain us and light our way forever! We can be sure-footed, see ahead of us and avoid obstacles with this light.

The first part of our theme, “your word is a lamp to my feet” means action – Jesus’ words impel us to take action, to be people that see a need and act on it. His words move us, guide us and steer us, and keep us on the right path. We know without Jesus’ guiding light, we will stumble and fall, but with it, we will have light and know which path to take.

Let us make this year, one where we are lamps illuminated by the words of Jesus and let us make every effort to light the paths of those in our school and our world.