Walking together in hope

The College theme for 2022 draws its inspiration from the Road to Emmaus story from Luke’s Gospel. The story recounts two disciples making their way back to Emmaus after witnessing the terrible events of Jesus’ torture and execution. On the long walk home, the disciples are discussing these events when a stranger joins them. We know this stranger to be Jesus, but the two disciples failed to recognise him. Along the way, Jesus provides scripture lessons. When they arrive back in Emmaus, the disciples insist he stay with them. At mealtime, Jesus took the bread, gave the blessing, broke it and gave it to them. It’s then that their ‘eyes were opened’. When Jesus left them, the two disciples returned to Jerusalem to share their joy at their meeting with the risen Christ. 

The idea of walking together in hope recognises that the journey for everyone is different, where struggles are confronted, revelation happens and the destination is ultimately achieved. What the disciples thought was the death of their saviour, the Messiah, became new life in Christ. 

As we walk this year together, we will explore the many ways in which we can bring hope to others. As people of mercy and as a Mercy community, we strive to be people of compassion and action. We look to the inspiration of the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, who was hope to young Irish women and later, to the countless poor abroad. 

In our world today, we acknowledge the significant challenges we face and the uncertainty that may exist for many, but we are also hope-filled; that our work together, can and does make a difference. We are committed to finding new expressions of working together, to challenge injustice and create change. 

With our reGEN approach to sustainable living, our commitment to raising awareness and raising funds to support Caritas, St Vincent de Paul, Mercy Works and Bendigo Foodshare, our students will continue to model hope through the Mercy Values of compassion, courage, justice, respect, service and hospitality.