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COVID-19 Daily Report (CMC)


Keeping our community informed

If a student or staff member returns a positive COVID-19 test result, and has attended the College, the affected cohort will be notified by email. The privacy of the student or staff member will be maintained. Daily information will be posted each evening on the COVID-19 Updates page of the CMC website and those families directly impacted will be contacted.

Daily Snapshot positive cases reported by Year Level – Monday 29 August 2022

  • Year 7  (0)
  • Year 8  (0)
  • Year 9  (1)
  • Year 10  (0)
  • Year 11  (0)
  • Year 12  (0)

If your child is not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they can continue to attend school but should monitor for symptoms. Students who show symptoms of COVID-19 cannot attend school and should get tested.