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Coolock: important uniform changes


Changes begin on Monday 23 May 2022

The College Uniform is important in establishing a sense of belonging to the College community and promotes equality amongst all students. For all students, wearing the uniform correctly should be a reflection of both self-respect and College spirit.

In response to some valid parental feedback and to support students being in the correct uniform, changes have been made regarding when the Sport uniform is worn at Coolock, starting from Monday 23 May 2022.

In simple terms, students are only permitted to wear their Sport uniform on the day that they have their Physical Education practical session. The day that this occurs will vary for individual students.

From Monday, students will no longer be permitted to wear Sport uniform for Outdoor Education classes, Drama or Agriculture single classes.

Apart from days of practical PE, students may wear Sport uniform for:

  • Year 9 Agriculture double, practical periods only.
  • Trialling for a sports team or representing the College as part of a sports team.
  • Other exemptions as required, to be approved by the Campus Director and parents/carers notified.

There may be isolated occurrences where a student is not able to be in uniform. If this is the case, parents/carers must provide written communication outlining this so that an approved uniform pass can be issued. Any student who is out of uniform without permission will be followed up as ‘unapproved’ and families will be communicated with as per the College processes.

The College is committed to supporting all families with respect to wearing the correct College uniform and will provide greater consistency of consequences in following up students who are in breach of the uniform expectations.

Thank you for your support

Len Watson, Deputy Principal Coolock