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Bellarine Peninsula Trip



On 18 April, the Year 12 Outdoor Education class set off on their Term 2 camp along the Bellarine Peninsula. The activities undertaken encompassed conservation, recreation, primary industries and tourism to meet the course requirements.

On the first day, the students were given bags and gloves by Parks Victoria rangers and were encouraged to search the beach for plastic and other harmful by-products of human activity. This conservation activity included a talk from Parks Victoria and gave the students an understanding of the impact of rubbish and why it needs to be controlled.

Snorkeling and swimming with seals later in the day gave students the opportunity to get up close to the animals – an amazing experience! Students snorkeled around Pope’s Eye Marine National Park studying an array of marine wildlife. Towards the end of the activity, we were lucky enough to see dolphins up close, which helped students reflect on their contemporary human relationships with the coastal environment.

After snorkeling the students arrived at Big4 Caravan Park where they set up their tents and enjoyed a barbeque dinner.

The next morning was a 7.00am start for a fishing charter and a closer look at primary industry – commercial fishing. Different fishing techniques were discussed by the skipper and evidence of commercial fishing was seen at the marina. The rules and regulations that must be followed in this industry were also examined. There were plenty of fish for dinner that night and nothing went to waste. Emmie Banfield won fish of the day, pulling in a snapper weighing 5.3kg!

After fishing the students drove to Ocean Grove where they would learn how to surf with Go Ride a Wave. This provided a recreational perspective for the students and allowed them to get a full understanding of the characteristics of recreation along the coast, including the environmental impacts upon coastal environments.

The final day involved a trip to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre where students learned about the importance of fishing regulations and why they are put in place. They also learned about different marine life in Port Phillip Bay and the significance of Swan Bay Marine National Park. A final trip to the beach saw students sea kayaking before venturing back to Bendigo.

Miss Olivia Dullard, Outdoor Education Trainee